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Ortus Office Supplies

one-stop solution to all kind of furnitures

Ortus Office Supplies was set-up in august 2009 offering a complete range of office furnishing systems and services, ranging from office layout planning, carpets and furniture to renovation works.

As a specialist in dedicated office systems, Ortus Office Supplies offers corporate clients a one-stop solution to all their office furnishing needs, whether it is for a completely new physical office set-up, space expansion and upgrading works or renovations and refurbishment to their current office.

Key considerations such as daily functionality, durability, space maximization and ergonomic designs are given most priority and attention to ensure the comfort and smooth flow of movement within a properly laid out office. After all, Ortus Office Supplies are firm believers that our complete office systems should deliver top performance at the workplace, in synergy with our clients' own discerning choice and high expectations. 

So whether you are simply looking for a dedicated piece of office furniture or thinking about an overall revamp for the entire workplace, please give us a call for an obligation-free discussion.

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You Can Now Find A Great Choice Of Functional And Decorative Indoor and Outdoor Office Products.

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